Price-Quality ratio

We are trying to maintain the best price-quality ratio in the market.

Wide product range

We have not only the most popular, but also rare models of engines in our warehouse.

Full engine preparation

We check all engines, clean them and, in case of necessity, we also reassemble them completely.


Warranty is applied to all of our engines and gearboxes.

Long-term partnership

We appreciate the long-term partnership and mutually beneficial relations; therefore, we not only make our promises carefully, but keep them responsibly.


All engines are checked and cleaned before their sale. If it is possible to ignite an engine, we make a video and measure its compression; meanwhile, if it’s impossible to do it in some models, then we check the pistons and cylinder walls by using endoscopic camera. We also always perform a pressure drop test and check wear and tear of the connecting rods and main bearings of some models. Such tests minimise the risk to sell poor quality engines.


Our repair specialists, having a long-term experience in the field of engine repair, will help you to detect the cause of the broken engine and fix it. We repair engines, starting from the cylinder head repair to the complete reassembly of the entire engine, so we may offer you a wide range of services. Our long-term experience shows that in case of more complicated and expensive car makes, it is more financially beneficial to repair engine failures at our repair shop. Contact us to find out the price and rates of our repair services.


You may always find part of our product range on “Ebay”; however, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, contact us. We have many engines of the most popular models in our warehouse, so we may also deliver them fast.

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